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TURTLE Cases, Safes and Locks

TURTLE Cases, Safes and Locks

Perm-A-Store is the worlds leading manufacturer of permanent storage cases for vital computer backup tapes, brand name "Turtle". The name "Turtle" was chosen because the cases have a hard shell on the outside that protects vital information on the inside. Plus, the Box Turtle is the official state reptile of Kansas where the Turtle cases are manufactured.

Due to the unique patented design and functionality, the leading computer tape manufacturers will only recommend Turtles to their customers. They include IMATION, BASF, and IBM just to name a few. Because making Turtle data storage and transport cases is our only business, we know what is important to protect your backup tapes.
Perm-A-Store works daily with the tape manufacturers to determine the most critical problems that could affect the function of any backup tape. We know what it takes to properly store and transport media safely.

Protection against impacts, temperature, E.S.D.(Electro Static Discharge) and particle contamination are some of the benefits of a Turtle.
Perm-A-Store developed the concept of temperature protection so if a large data center must recover from a disaster of any type, their tapes will be in perfection condition and ready to run.


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